19 Feb 2014

Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Official FC Barcelona Twitter Accounts over Qatar Sponsor

FC Barcelona’s Twitter accounts have been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, which posted some of the team’s info from the accounts, according to Tech Worm. The compromised accounts are @FCBarcelona, @FCBarcelona_es and @FCBarcelona_cat.

The Syrian Electronic Army posted a “Special Hi to @RealMadrid” and then disclosed the real motive of the attack.

“Dear FC Barcelona management, Don't let the Qatari money funds you, it's full of blood and kill via @Official_SEA16 #SEA #FCB,” the hackers twitted as Qatar Airways is a main sponsor for FC Barcelona.

So far FC Barcelona’s officials have not commented on the hack but the tweets were removed.

The Syrian Electronic Army said Twitter removed the tweets - not Barcelona’s social media team.

“It is still not clear that how Syrian Electronic Army managed to hijack the accounts, looking behind the previous hacks of SEA, it could be possibly a Phishing attack,” the article said.