27 Dec 2013

Syrian Electronic Army Denies Second Attack on NY Times

The Syrian Electronic Army denied responsibility for a second attack on the New York Times after hacking the newspaper once.

Employees of the publication allegedly received emails containing malicious links that seemed to lead to CNN articles of Syrian conflict but in fact led to phishing pages, according to the NY Times.

This summer, the hacking group managed to breach the domains of Twitter, The Huffington Post and The New York Times after first attacking the Melbourne IT company where the related domains were registered.

“Contrary to reports, we have already hacked the NY Times and there's little point revisiting them,” the Syrian Electronic Army said via a Twitter post. “These are false accusations by the FBI.”

The New York Times also disclosed an FBI memo warning organizations about Syrian Electronic Army phishing emails. US law enforcement continues to track the Syrian Electronic Army and advises organizations to be aware of phishing emails or redirecting links to phishing sites that demand credentials.