12 Aug 2014

Synolocker Hits Chinese Medicine University; 10,000 Records Encrypted

The Chinese Medicine University has been infected with the Synolocker malware that's affecting Synology network access storage devices, according to Softpedia News. The affected storage devices contained around 10,000 patient records that were immediately encrypted.

"As soon as the infection was discovered on the affected systems, they were immediately taken offline to avoid propagation of the threat," the article said. "At the moment there is no information on how the department plans to recover the files, or if a backup copy of the data exists, which would makes it possible to restore it."

The police confirmed the use of Synolocker. The Centre for Liver Health and Institute of Digestive Disease at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sha Tin owns the 10,000 patient records.

As before, the Synolocker ransomware demands 0.6 BTC for the decryption private key.

So far no evidence has been found of the data leaving the storage devices, and the risk of exposure is apparently low.