22 Feb 2012

Strong antivirus software helps sort out the junk

Quality anitvirus programs can help companies and consumers keep their computers free of viruses and malware when online. However, with the influx of smartphones being used to access the web, the need for mobile antivirus solutions is becoming more important.

"Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting mobile devices - hardly surprising, given that many of us now use these powerful, internet-connected mini computers for online shopping, banking and games purchases - to name just a few," Colin Roopnarain wrote on IOL. "Gadgets running Apple’s mobile operating system are generally safer than others, thanks to the company’s obsession with only allowing you to install programs it has vetted, so you could probably get away without anti-virus protection on your iPhone or iPad."

However, Google and Android are starting to see some virus activity on their devices. The website said people with these devices should be aware of everything they are clicking on and plugging into, and should invest in antivirus software.

ITWorld Canada reports that there are new Android Trojan viruses that pretend to be apps for the phone. Before downloading an app from the Android marketplace, consumers should read user reviews to get a sense of the app's credibility.