19 Sep 2011

Stalking phone application causes alarm

A new form of spy software can be installed on a smartphone to monitor the activities of the phone's user, according to Japan's Daily Yomiuri Online. Having mobile security software could help prevent the installation of such programs.

The "Karelog" software application was released late in the summer, according to the new source, and enables users to see the current whereabouts, phone call logs, remaining battery power and other personal data of a smartphone's owner on the screen of a personal computer. The software could be abused for stalking and the service operator of the app received many protests and was forced to discontinue part of the service, the Daily Yomiuri Online said.

According to Manuscript, the Tokyo-based firm that operates the service, the app can be installed on smartphones with an Android operating system. The news source said that it is difficult for owners of smartphones to notice the software has been installed in their handsets.

PCWorld said it is easy to live in fear with apps such as this and location tracking apps out there. The website said private safeguards are needed for users who may or may not know everything their phone does. Mobile security software can be bought to help keep others out of some one else's phone.