26 Mar 2012

Spam filters may be getting worse

Email is one of the more common ways for people to get a virus. While antivirus software can be a good way to scan through messages, it may get more difficult soon, according to a report from Virus Bulletin. The company said spam filters have been catching less spam than usual as of late.

Virus Bulletin put 20 commercial spam filters through the test and received 200,000 emails, 190,000 of which were spam. While all filters passed the test, ranging from keeping 98.6 to 99.9 percent out, IP blacklisting wasn't working quite as well.

"We didn't just see a few dips in spam ?lters' performance: for all but one product the catch rates were lower than in the previous test... products had a signi?cantly harder time blocking messages based on the IP address from which they were sent," the company said, according to InfoWorld. "This may be because DNS blacklists have become less accurate than they used to be, or because spammers have been sending more spam using legitimate mail servers."

Personal computer users and businesses need to be wary of all emails. Antivirus software can be very useful in scanning emails to make sure they don't contain any nasty malware or viruses.