02 Apr 2013

South Korea and the US to Form Cyber-Partnership


South Korea and the US will draft and sign a joint strategic plan designed to improve their odds against the ever-growing threat of cyber-warfare. Recent cyber-attacks against high-profile websites and banks in South Korea, along with rising tensions from North Korea, contribute to this tactical initiative.

"We will cooperate with the U.S. to prepare measures in cyber policy, technology and information," a senior South Korean ministry delegate said, as reported by Yonhap News Agency on Monday.

South Korea's defense ministry said his country will focus on developing prevention procedures and defense mechanisms against attacks, both in time of war or peace. The strategy is expected to be drafted by June and put into practice by the end of August.

Even though, to date, there has been no breakthrough in the case of the attacks against three broadcasters and two banks, speculation links these incidents to North Korea, believed to have approximately 3,000 hackers highly proficient in breaking into computer networks to collect secret data or compromise systems with malware. This prompted South Korea to also look into also recruiting more specialists for their Cyber Command Unit that, at the moment, numbers some 400 people.