15 Mar 2012

Sony imposing new internet security strategies

After being hit hard last year but internet security threats, hackers and more, Sony is using this year to make some new security strategies. SC Magazine said since the end of 2011, Sony has experienced at least 20 attacks by "hactivists." Brett Wahlin, Sony Entertainment Network's chief security officer, said they have revamped the security department at Sony.

“We are looking to see if there are there key elements within a person’s interaction with their environment. That could be interaction with badging systems, with telephones – when and who do they call– and with systems like browser habits and applications used,” Wahlin said. “All these things allow us to set up a pattern for users, so when something different happens we can respond.”

Wahlin said if unusual activity is found, it may be a Trojan virus and they can stop the flow of information that would usually fly out the door. He said they are trying to deal less with state-sponsored attacks and more with the socially motivated hackers.

Sony will now use "social engineering psychology with data analytics" to seek out hackers and find other internet security problems. The company also wants to safeguard against fraudulent purchases and keep customers bank accounts safe.