12 Sep 2011

Some Facebook users casually hack into the accounts of their friends

Recent research from CPPGroup Plc, a life assistance company, 13 percent admit to have accessed someone else's online account details without their permission.

Of those surveyed, the most common form of '"casual" hacking takes place on social networking sites such as Facebook. Many members of the study say they have accessed personal and work emails of friends or loved ones, as well as online banking sites and transactions portals.

More data from the study showed that 32 percent of casual hackers said it was something they did just for fun while 29 percent admitted they did it to check up on their significant other and 8 percent hacked to check up on a work colleague.

"Looking at someone's personal information without their knowledge is a serious act and one that could have serious repercussions both personally and professionally," said Danny Harrison, identity fraud expert from CPP.

Many may think that accessing the Facebook account of a friend is a joke. There is even a group created by Facebook users entitled "Hacking your friends Facebook pages." Groups like these may make people believe hacking a friends Facebook is acceptable.