01 Mar 2012

Social media leads to companies protecting themselves more

Surfing a social networking website can be extremely dangerous without internet security tools such as an antivirus program. According to USA Today, there are more phishing attacks and malware then ever on websites like Facebook and Twitter, so many businesses are looking into better protection for themselves.

"The problem is pervasive," says Jeff Wilson, principal security analyst at Infonetics Research according to the news source. "Companies of all sizes are definitely re-evaluating what they have installed for IT security."

USA Today cites a study by an internet security company which said there was a huge increase in the amount of time employees read Facebook. The study found that in December 2011, employees used Facebook apps three times as often as they did back in October 2010 and used Twitter seven-times as often, meaning there's a much larger chance for these employees to click on something linking to malware.

If someone has their internet security breached on Facebook, Eric Mack writes on PCWorld that people should change their password, remove unwanted Facebook apps and run a scan with antivirus software.