13 Mar 2012

Smartphones need to be protected from thieves

When using a mobile devices on Wi-Fi networks, Reading Eagle said people need to be careful with securing their smartphone to make sure no one steals any banking or personal information. Mobile antivirus software can be a great first step to helping keep hackers out of a phone.

Matthew Wilson, head of security assessment with Core BTS, said most people use their smartphones, tablets and other phones to access work information which increases the security risks. He said another risk is not setting a PIN for the phone so that it can be protected from people who could easily open the device and get information.

People who move from a regular handset phone to a smartphone may not realize they have to take security precautions at first, Wilson said, but he said people should pick passwords for their devices that cannot be easily guessed or figured out. American Express said if the password is the same as a Facebook password, it's easily hackable.

Marc Weber Tobias writes on Forbes that another place with low internet security for mobile devices and PCs is 30,000 feet in the air on an airplane wireless network. People should be sure to take security precautions when on any wireless network.