09 Dec 2011

Smartphones could be open for taking by botnets

Most people don't believe their phones can be unsafe, but a story by Fox 5 News in Las Vegas said some people may be victims of mobile hacking and may not even know it. Mobile security software could become increasingly important for users of mobile devices over the next year.

Security researcher Georgia Weidman warns people that phone hacking can happen to anyone, according to the news source. She adds that mobile botnets could control a phone's text messages and send spam and viruses to friends and families, and people may not even realize something is wrong.

"Really, the sky's the limit," Weidman explained, adding that the chief concern is having a phone's information sold on the black market. "Anything the phone can do, now someone else can do. [It can be sent] from anywhere in the world."

Kelly Colgan writes on Infosec Island that for Androids there was a mobile internet security breach in which a program known as Dream Droid infected people's phones and worked while they were asleep. It was found that as many as 30 apps were affected. Users should keep their phone as updated as posible.