20 Jan 2012

Small physician practice are targets of hackers

Although big healthcare organizations are usually the first thing people would think about to be a victim of internet security breaches in the medical field, Ken Terry writes on FierceHealthIT that small physician practices can also be targeted by cyber criminals.

A widespread use of mobile devices may be another thing to bring security risks to medical office, but Terry said there are ways to keep practices safe.

"Of course, encryption could prevent medical records on missing laptops or tablets from being compromised," Terry writes. "And the use of cloud-based EHRs could eliminate the need for any clinical data to be stored on a mobile device. Nevertheless, physicians in small practices need to be aware that they, too, must adopt strong security procedures in an era when data is easier to steal-and more ubiquitous - than ever."

American Medical News quotes Beth Givens, founder and director of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, an education and advocacy group, said that bigger medical offices have been hardened by the amount of threats and have put money in to prepare, but smaller medical offices may not have the same level of internet security.