30 Nov 2011

Small businesses need to prepare themselves online during holidays

With holiday shopping and other general distractions on the internet, small businesses are very susceptible to online internet security breaches. Fox Business asked security experts about how to stay safe as a small business on the internet.

Michael Kaiser, executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance, said 77 percent of small businesses don't have internet security policies in place, so he suggest having a conversation with employees about their shared responsibility with the business to protect information, according to the news source. Edward Goodman, chief privacy officer for IDT 911, advised employers to tell workers that work hours are not the time to do personal shopping.

Fox made a list of advice from Kaiser and Goodman, which included talking to employees about their email accounts, updating software, considering blacklisting certain websites and only Alwin workers to visit reputable URLs.

James Sills, the secretary of Delaware's Department of Technology, wrote on Delaware Online that businesses should use antivirus software to secure a computer, ignore pop-up messages, only make and accept secure payments, and use secure passwords when operating.