28 May 2011

Simple steps may protect against viruses, malware

For computer users, getting rid of a virus is a difficult process. According to an internet security company, there are several tips to make sure computers are free of viruses and malware.

The first step is to download proper antivirus software and malware removal programs from a legitimate security provider. Despite providing general protection against certain viruses, not every antivirus software offers the same level of protection, so choosing a product that fits specific needs is vital to protect against potential cyber criminals.

Email attachments are also causing issues for computer users. According to the company, people should only open an email from a trusted source, ensuring protection from viruses, spyware, damaged websites and worm attacks.

“There are millions of websites out there designed to scam internet users in one form or another,” said the internet security company. “If you download from a website you don’t trust, your files could be infected with viruses or malware that are waiting to harm your computer or steal your personal information.”

Smartphone users are also in danger of cyber attacks. According to a report by PCWorld, text message malware, smart grid hacking, social network account spoofing and cyber stalking are emerging as threats for smartphone owners.