20 Dec 2011

Sidestep fake antivirus software pop-ups

Most people who use the internet will at some point receive a notification from a fake antivirus program, and Ken Colburn, president of Data Doctors Computer Services and host of the Data Doctors Radio Program, writes in the Tempe, Arizona, East Valley Tribune that people should look to sidestep this type of malware the best they can.

"This type of attack can hit you from just about any corner of the internet: email, social media, instant messages, download sites and even if you Google search fast-breaking news items or salacious images," he writes in response to a question about a fake program. "The more you or someone in your home or business engages in sketchy activities online, the more likely you will run into this scourge."

Colburn said the best thing to do at this point is to shut down the programs via the task manager for Windows or force quit for Mac OS. If a user is hit by one of these programs, he said cleanup tools and a clean reboot will be needed to help rid a computer of the program.

Those who have fallen for the fake antivirus software may be eligible for a check, as the Federal Trade Commission has been sending out checks to victims as apart of a settlement, according to Business Insider. The average check is about $20.