23 May 2011

Several threats are emerging in the cyber world

While cyber criminals continue to attack computer users, many are turning their attention toward smartphone users. According to a recent report by PCWorld, there are six rising threats that may put smartphone owners in danger.

Text message malware is becoming more common, and owners should use caution before clicking on text message links. Other threats include smart grid hacking, social network account spoofing and cyber stalking, which also utilizes social networking websites.

Hackers could also potentially take control of a person’s car, with vehicles like the Ford Edge providing 3G access to its owners. The final cyber threat emerging is the jamming and spoofing of GPS signals, the report stated.

“For all the other threats we've covered in this story, taking some extra precautions - using strong encryption technology, engaging only with trusted friends on social networks and using penetration testing software on corporate networks - can help alleviate some fears, even if the bad guys keep coming up with new ways to make us nervous,” wrote PCWorld’s John Brandon.

As more people adopt Android-based smartphones, cyber criminals continue to find vulnerabilities in the system. In March, an internet security company released a report that found 70 different types of malware for Android devices, up from only two found in September.