01 Dec 2011

Set up a new PC safely with antivirus software

When getting a new computer, it is important to remember that just because its new, it's not necessarily safe. John Oates of PC Advisor said when setting up a computer, users should think about everything, such as setting up a main password, internet security settings and installing an antivirus program. He said if it is a second-hand computer, be sure to immediately do a malware scan.

"Most security software identifies malware by comparing files against a list of known threats," Oates writes. "This list is frequently updated with new signature files, so the software must be updated periodically. The best security products will also detect malware that’s not on this list based on its behavior or user intelligence."

Other things to keep in mind for a safe setup of a new computer is the programs downloaded, the browser used for surfing the internet, staying safe on social media websites and in emails, and just generally using common sense on the internet.

Kim Komando of USA Today writes that users of new computers should also remember to install any platform updates. This will help keep the information up to date and install patches that will help quell any internet security issues with the Windows or OS format.