29 Feb 2012

Selena Gomez sex link on Facebook a scam

Hackers often use celebrity sex scandals to infiltrate unsuspecting social media users' computer systems. The cyber thieves will create malicious links and spread them on Facebook and other social networks, which when clicked on, will corrupt users' systems.

A new scam floating around social media networks uses the gimmick of a "hidden camera video" depicting intimate exchanges between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, to trick users into clicking on a corrupted link. Antivirus software should be installed and constantly updated to keep systems safe from viruses such as this.

Like most of these scams, the link to the supposed video leads fans to a third party website and urges them to share the video with other Facebook friends. The link directs the user to a survey, which can net hackers money.

One security firm said this is how hackers make a lot of their money, as online traffic is driven to surveys that earns them commission. In addition, these scams can also result in hackers gaining access to a users' computer, at which point they can mine for valuable data, such as bank account logins and passwords.