30 Sep 2011

Security threats could become more common for mobile devices

While the mobile device and smartphone industry continue to grow, PhoneDog's website said the interface could become more PC-like and face more security threats. Taylor Martin, a contributing editor for the site, poses the question if users will be willing to pay for mobile security software.

Martin said PC users feel like they need antivirus software and protection due to the amount of viruses targeting the operating system, but the odds aren't quite as high for mobile devices yet.

"They will be given a few more years to mature, but the majority of users aren't looking that far into the future," Martin writes. "Smartphones and tablets are a different breed of devices and have spawned a different breed of consumers with an entirely new mindset, especially in terms of software and apps, that will be hard to change: more for less."

According to an article by CIO's website, users who want to protect their phone from dangerous viruses should not jailbreak their phone, bank with authorized apps only, stick to popular apps and keep an eye on the wireless bill each month.