22 Mar 2011

Security company attacked by hackers

An online security company, which protects its customers from cyber attacks, recently was the victim of a security breach.

The company called the attack an ‘‘advanced persistent threat,’’ which resulted in certain information being extracted from its systems, a high-ranking official stated. Some of the information resulted in the two-factor authentication products the company offers.

At this time, the company says no information regarding customers is in jeopardy and it believes none of its products have been affected. The company says it is also actively communicating with its customers to ensure the proper steps are taken to resolve the matter.

“We took a variety of aggressive measures against the threat to protect our business and our customers, including further hardening of our IT infrastructure,” said executive chairman of the security company. “We also immediately began an extensive investigation of the attack and are working closely with the appropriate authorities.”

In an effort to disrupt the efforts of cyber criminals, Microsoft recently announced a victory in the growing cyber war. The company says it was able to stop the spam-producing botnet known as Rustock.