19 Aug 2011

Second BART hack targets police officers

The website of the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit police officers' alliance was recently hacked, and the home addresses and other personal information of 102 BART officers were posted online.

This was the second BART hack in less than a week. Hacker group Anonymous, well-known for breaching the internet security systems of high-profile corporations and government agencies, claimed responsibility for the first attack.

Anonymous said it hacked the MyBART website to protest the transit association's decision to cut underground cell phone service to deter protests against its policing tactics. A BART cop shot and killed 45-year-old Charles Hill in an incident last month.

No one has officially taken credit for the police website attack. Anonymous tweeted that none of its members has claimed responsibility. A hacker going by the handle Lamalin_5mg allegedly posted the police officer data during an Anonymous-hosted internet chat session, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Lamalin_5mg described herself as a French girl and self-taught hacker to a BART protester who engaged her in an online chat, the newspaper reports.

BART officers are not the first law enforcement agents to be victimized by hackers. LulzSec, a group loosely affiliated with Anonymous, compromised the Arizona Department of Public Safety website earlier this summer and leaked personal information of Arizona officers to protest the state's immigration laws.