17 Feb 2011

Search engines continue the battle against hackers

The global technology giant Google has almost cut the amount of malicious software affecting users of its search engine in half, according to Bloomberg.

As a result of Google’s increased security, hackers are now targeting Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo! search engines, as well as Twitter.

Although Google improved its security, the number of overall attacks increased in December to 226 pieces of bad software per day, up from 146 per day in June. Yahoo! accounted for 30 percent of the bad software in December, up 18 percent from June. Meanwhile, Bing's percentage of affected software rose from 12 to 24 during the same time frame

“We have done a lot of work to detect these quickly and to warn users,” said principal software engineer at Google Niels Provos. “Last year, it took 10 hours to remove the bugs; now it takes an hour.”

According to comScore, the amount of searches Americans conducted in January reached 18.6 billion, with Google accounting for 12 billion, Yahoo! with 3.3 billion and Microsoft sites with 2.4 billion.