08 May 2013

SEA Hacked the E! Online Twitter Accounts over the Weekend

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) hit media corporations once again this weekend. This time, the Syrian hacktivists hijacked the Twitter accounts of the entertainment news organization E!Online,  with about five million followers. The group claim to have also breached the E!Online SMS service of 30, 000 subscribers.

As in the case of the Associated Press Twitter account hack, SEA twitted some messages in the name of the celebrity gossip news provider, of which the most provocative being Justin Bieber’s alleged public announcement in which he admits to being gay. 

“This account @eonline was compromised and some incorrect information was sent out. We're working with Twitter now to fix this,” E! Online wrote after it recovered the account. The organization is working with Twitter to recover the lost followers.

The Twitter account of the Onion was also hacked this weekend by the Syrian Electronic Army.

The Syrian Electronic Army hacks accounts of highly regarded organizations as a protest against Twitter suspending its accounts. The hackers have already hijacked Twitter accounts of reputable news portals including The Associated Press, Reuters, the Guardian, the CBS programs “60 Minutes” and “48 Hours” and used them to post fake messages about the US helping terrorists, President Obama being dead or an explosion at the White house to induce panic to citizens and even disrupt the stock market.