29 Nov 2012

School District Website Outage as Protest Against Student RFID Chips

Claiming responsibility for taking down Texas' Northside Independent School District website, Anonymous hacker tr1xxyAnon protested the implementation of RFID chips in student IDs, as they strip away privacy.

Two schools that have asked students to use the chips believe the process will enable educators to monitor students’ class attendance figures, which in turn will lead to better funding. There’s an ongoing debate on whether NISD will be allowed to make the RFID chips mandatory.

Hackers have already jumped the gun and took down the school district website saying students should have a say in the matter.

“Now it is your school and your rules, but you seen what I did to your website, and  have a simple deal for you, weather you accept it or not, is up to you,” said tr1xxyAnon in a PasteBin post. “If you still want to do this tracking idea on the students, at least have a meeting with each and every students parents, so they know what is going on.”

Emphasizing parents should also have a word in deciding whether the technology should be used in schools, tr1xxyAnon warns that more website attacks will follow.

“I am giving you 1-3 days to hold this meeting with the parents. I want you to confirm you have had this meeting too as proof,” said tr1xxyAnon. “IF you do not hold this meeting and nothing happens, I will simply shut down your website, like I did last time. I hope you think carefully about what I have said.”