22 Feb 2011

Scareware continues to trick

Scareware is generating millions of dollars for cyber criminals, and unsuspecting computer users keep falling for their traps, according to News Factor.

What makes scareware so effective is it acts like an antivirus software, prompting the victim to download a program to remove the fake virus. Criminals exploit security breaches in websites to distribute the malware.

Some groups try to make their operation as legitimate as possible, even offering a professional call center or chat services as part of their “customer service.” If a person falls for these tricks, they will likely be spending between $41 and $55 for fake antivirus software, leaving them lighter in the wallet and their computer still at risk.

By not updating anitvirus software on a regular basis, a person is providing cyber criminals the avenue to find and deliver the scareware.

"The attackers manage to insert a small script at the bottom of the page,” says virus expert Candid Wueest.

The Department of Defense recently established the program known as Cyber 3.0, which is adding more than $500 million in new research for technologies to combat the growing cyber threat.