26 Jul 2011

Scammers use Oslo bombing, Winehouse death to target Facebook users

When big news happens, people from around the world head online to get more information and often share their thoughts on social networking sites like Facebook. But, scammers also use this to their advantage and now, some are using the recent tragedies in Norway and the death of singer Amy Winehouse to infect computers.

Various reports indicate that a scam had already hit Facebook hours after the bombing in Oslo, Norway occurred last week. A link, which purported to bring users to a video of the bombing, actually is a scam that could result in users being charged for text messages, if they fill out a form.

This scam is known as "clickjacking," and spreads by posting itself on the Facebook wall of users who initially click on the link. Online security website report that at the height of the scam it was affecting a Facebook user every one second.

A similar scam takes aim at those who are interested in the death of British singer Amy Winehouse, who was found dead last Saturday. Again, a video which reportedly shows the troubled singer smoking crack is actually a scam.