06 Oct 2011

Scammers look to exploit Steve Jobs' death

After the death of Apple visionary Steve Jobs, scammers have already tried to take advantage. While a virus is not involved this time, this should remind computer users that antivirus programs should be kept running even on what looks to be the safest of websites.

Scammers set up a website at the URL Stevejobsfuneral.com which attempts to collect email addresses by luring people to win a MacBook Pro by asking them to enter a sweepstakes. The site also contains advertising information that brings revenue to any purchases made at a linked Apple store.

UberGizmo's website said while this may not be as bad as a Trojan virus, the "the fact that these people are capitalizing on Steve Jobs' death to make a quick buck is pretty sickening."

MSNBC said scams are also spreading across Facebook, claiming 50 iPads are being given away in memory of Jobs. The websites redirect a few times and end up making the website creator money through affiliate advertising. Users should always be aware of what they are clicking and have good internet security running.