06 Oct 2011

Scammers attack young children through online games

Internet security should always be ramped up when children are using the internet, and a new rigged online game highlights that there is usually no exception, as it has been trying to scam children for their parents' banking information and more.

Online scammers are rigging an educational online game meant for preschoolers with malicious viruses that can take bank account details from a computer, according to Security News Daily.

Games that are rigged include some that let children nurture online pets or catch falling objects. The website said the young child thinks they are playing a harmless game but may open their parents' computer up to spyware and other Trojan viruses, such as Zeus, capable of forcing the PC to join a botnet or stealing online banking information.

Microsoft said families should first decide where their children can and cannot go on the internet, then increase antivirus software and other internet security measures just in case something does go wrong, such as what happens in this scam. The company said to monitor where children go online and remind them to never talk to strangers online.