31 Mar 2014

Russian Hacktivists Breach Chinese Embassy in Moscow; Leak Documents Related to Russia’s Spying on Ukraine

The Russian Cyber Command (Rucyborg) hacker group breached the China’s Embassy in Moscow and leaked documents related to Chinese-made hardware with backdoors allegedly used in Russian spying on Ukraine, according to Softpedia News.

The devices were allegedly used by the Intertelecom Ukrainian telecommunications company and shipped via Russia with several backdoors. The hackers claim the same hardware was delivered to several high-profile Ukrainian companies and government agencies.

The hackers claim this is the first leak of seven. They say others contain data on Intertelecom’s infrastructure and details of 100,000 customers. Also the documents are said to have been stolen using a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) planted with the aid of phishing emails.

“Next leak we deliver the whole package of docs revealing the secrets of cooperation between Malomuzh and Russian RUSAL executives puppettiers of FSB,” the hackers said.