09 Feb 2011

Report: Half of PCs worldwide were infected in January

According to an online security company, 50 percent of scanned PCs worldwide were infected with malware in January.

According to the research, 59 percent of the afflicted computers were infected with Trojans, while 12 percent were infected with traditional viruses and 9 percent with worms.

The most prevalent threats included generic Trojans, down-loaders, exploits and adware. Lineage, an old Trojan, continues to spread and infect systems.

“We don’t see many significant changes regarding the number of worldwide infections from month to month,” said technical director Luis Corrons. “This just reflects the reality of the current situation: Every day we receive some 61,000 new malware samples at our laboratory, and unless you have a solution … it takes too long for traditional solutions to incorporate new malware signatures. This lapse in time leaves users unprotected against new threats.”

The Department of Homeland Security recently made cyber security a priority in 2011, investing $40 million to focus on insider threats, botnets, malware and research. The DHS also established the Comprehensive National Cyber Initiative to protect from cyber threats.