22 Sep 2011

Remain vigilant to defend against viruses

Jeff Gelles, a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, writes that in order to stay away from virus, worm, phisher, bot and Trojan free, people must install antivirus programs and be vigilant about internet security.

"The malware market is vast, large enough to become a province of organized crime," Gelles said. "In the highest-profile cases, hackers have gone straight to the spigot for cash, targeting ATMs, banks, and other financial institutions."

At the same time, home computers are not exempt. Gelles said kids could be the weakest link of all at home, as a 10-year-old who sees an offer for a "free iPad!" may not know any better. The key, according to Gelles, is to stay vigilant about staying virus free. He said to be wary of what is clicked on social media websites and keeping a computer system up to date is essential.

Online banking is an area that is commonly hacked, but Citibank said they have taken internet security precautions to help protect the customer. The bank's website suggests that customers take the time to find out what can be done to defend against risks of their own and understand their role and obligation with regard to online banking.