16 Sep 2011

Recognizing phishing should be easy

While Louisiana newspaper the Daily Advertiser said computers can be a great tool, users need to take precautions by using antivirus software and antiphishing software to avoid having sensitive information end up on the web.

With phishing, the news source said con artists send fake emails that look like they come from charities, banks, businesses or other establishments the computer user frequents, the email may look legitimate, but the message is used to lure users into giving up information, such as credit card numbers, without knowing it.

"Many people wonder how scammers get the names of their personal businesses, banks or favorite charities," the Daily Advertiser said. "The simple answer is they don't. Scammers will send out millions of randomly generated emails using similar names for nationally recognized corporations and charities although the logos and/or names used will not be identical to the original. Nevertheless, the fake name will be so close to the trademarked name most people would not be able to."

According to PCWorld, antiphishing programs can help detect when someone is attempting to scam a person. The website said that there are many companies that are trying to develop the best way to defend against a phishing attack.