27 Mar 2012

Protecting smartphones from being scammed

While not many people believe there is a need for mobile antivirus software, they may be wrong, according to a story on PCWorld. David Jeffers writes that while people shouldn't be frightened of viruses taking over their phones, using common sense and safety should be used to keep a phone safe.

"For example, be careful about the apps you install," Jeffers writes. "One popular scheme these days is to pirate a popular free app, then trick users into paying for it. In fact, some apps will go even further by secretly sending 'premium' text messages to the thieves - and leave you holding the bill for the charges."

Jeffers said people should also avoid unauthorized apps, be careful if they jailbreak their phones and do a bit of research before installing any app. He said the vast majority of apps are safe on devices, but there are enough to cause a legitimate amount of concerns among users.

According to a study by Juniper Networks, mobile malware rose 155 percent in 2011. It may see an even bigger rise in 2012, so people should look to keep their phones safe with mobile antivirus software.