21 Sep 2011

Preventing malware and adware downloads on computers

With more hackers and computer criminals online everyday, the average person has a lot to defend against when going online, Dennis O'Reilly of CNET writes. O'Reilly said if users keep up with the latest version of the antivirus software they use and be aware, that should keep away malicious programs, such as malware and adware.

O'Reilly said that internet users should constantly keep their Windows programs and antivirus programs up-to-date. People should also be aware of phishing emails, or messages that try to steal personal information by posing as something else.

"Don't click links or download attachments in messages unless you expected them," he writes on CNET. "This applies even if the message appears to be from someone you know and trust. Phishers often gain access to people's contact lists and send messages with malware links or attachments from those compromised accounts."

PCWorld writes that even with an antivirus program, the biggest factor to avoiding malware and other viruses is to be smart. The website said that suspicious emails and websites should be avoided and threats should be removed as soon as they are detected.