27 Feb 2012

Pornography site has logins stolen from users

Users of popular internet pornography websites may need to make some password and information changes after an internet security breach saw a million logins stolen from the YouPorn website. A hacker had apparently chanced upon a URL linking to a list left exposed for several years, according to Techworld.

Some of the compromised email addresses and YouPorn passwords were posted on Pastebin, many with recognizable first and last names. The URL with the information has been taken down by the website, but a large number of people are still at risk due to the leaked infromation.

This is the second data breach to hit a major porn website, as Brazzers.com recently had 350,000 logins stolen from the website. Porn companies depend on the anonymity of users to bring in business, Techworld notes, so this can be especially devastating for their websites.

People who have been victimized by a breach such as this should be wary of where they post their information and be sure to invest in antivirus software to ward off any bad links that may come to their exposed email addresses.