24 Jan 2012

Polish website hit by hackers in protest of copyright treaty

After Polish officials vowed to stick to a plan to sign an international copyright treaty, hackers looked to attack Poland's government websites. Michal Boni, a government minister, said the threat of an internet security breach will not stop them from signing the treaty as planned on Thursday.

“The ACTA agreement in no way changes Polish laws or the rights of internet users and internet usage,” Boni, the minister of administration and digitization, told The Associated Press after meeting with Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Cultural Minister Bogdan Zdrojewski.

The Wall Street Journal reports that a number of public administration websites, including the prime minister's website, were attacked in protest of the signing of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. The news source said one of the hacked websites reads "Stop ACTA!" and "Prime Minister Donald Tusk is a bad person! … You won't be censoring the internet for us. You won't take away human rights!"

Governments that receive threats should be sure to have strong internet security in an effort to keep up with hackers. With security in place, information may be safer from a possible breach