03 Nov 2011

Police detain hacker allegedly responsible for 12 million infected computers

According to The Associated Press, Slovenian authorities have detained a man who allegedly is responsible for a virus that has infected 12 million computers across the world.

Matjaz Skoranc, identified by police as the alleged hacker, is from Maribor, Slovenia, and was detained in late October, according to the AP. Police said he is part of an ongoing investigation into the virus after first being detained in July 2010 in a joint investigation with the FBI and Spanish authorities.

When he was detained last year, police were looking into his involvement in the Mariposa botnet, used to steal online bank and credit card information. The AP said the botnet appeared in December 2008 and hit major banks and corporations across the world.

In a 2010 Malta Today story on the botnet, Jeffery Troy, the FBI's deputy assistant director, said the arrest of a Slovenian man named "Isredo" took the mastermind of the botnet off of the streets. The story said they arrested three of the botnet's ringleaders, thereby stopping the program and improving internet security everywhere.