30 Dec 2011

Phishing scam targets Apple users

Apple users have been getting hit by what experts have called a "well-crafted" phishing plan, according to International Business Times. An email, which the website said was "well-written and grammatically correct," was sent to owners of iPods, iPads, iPhones and iMacs regarding billing information. Antiphishing software can help users sniff out some of these scams.

"The email will tell the users that their current billing records are 'out of date,' and it will provide a link to the Apple Store, urging the users to click on that link and confirm their billing records," Wendy Li writes on the website. "However, if the users click the link, they will be directed to a fake Apple sign-in page. Users who received the email, said the fake sign-in page is nearly identical to the real sign-in page."

Li said the best way to avoid scammers will be to listen to gut instinct. If something doesn't seem right, it's best to investigate it than simply click through. She said most companies rarely ask for information updates via email out of the blue, so people should be wary of these emails from any company.

The Federal Trade Commission said to be cautious about attachments from any email and be sure to review credit card billing information. Internet security software may also come in handy to avoid scams.