10 Dec 2010

Phishing hits high in 2010

According to an internet security company, 2010 will end as a record year for malware producers. Phishing has been particularly rampant. According to the company, 95 million phishing emails will have been sent before the end of the end of the year. 

All told, spam emails will have accounted for 89.1 percent of email traffic during 2010. According to the company, global spam peaked in August, when spam accounted for 92.2 percent of emails. Of those spam emails, 95 percent were sent by botnets. Currently, there are an estimated 3.5 million to 5.4 million zombie computers in the world.

The problem is driven by “drive-by attacks,” which occur when a legitimate website is infected with malware. According to the company, 42,926 domains were identified as malicious in 2010, most of which were legitimate but compromised websites.

The company expects botnet creators to continue to use steganography, a method of hiding malicious codes by embedding them within images and music files.

Malware is a problem for both home users and companies. About 200 to 300 companies are targeted each month with malware specifically designed to harm their organization alone.