28 Feb 2012

People should be careful when opening emails

When receiving email from an unknown address, recipients should be careful not to open the email with haste, according to Jeff Werner, NWFDailyNews columnist. Internet security breaches and viruses can come from these emails, and he said people need to be careful when checking their email.

"Too often people treat junk e-mail the same like they would if it was junk paper-mail. There is a huge difference, and junk email should be handled with far more care," Werner said. "Think about it this way: Your physical mailing address is generally public knowledge, but your email address is not. When I get email from an address I don’t recognize, it usually means that the sender got my address in some way other than me freely giving it to them, and that is enough in itself to raise my suspicions."

Even if no attachments are downloaded, Werner said malware can be hidden in codes within the HTML of the email. This can hurt the reader whether they choose to download what is attached to the email or not.

Leo Notenboom, a former computer programmer, writes on his Ask-Leo blog that email programs have made changes to avoid infection in this matter, but antivirus software and common sense should still be used to avoid malware.