24 Aug 2011

Parental Controls and Antivirus for People with Children

If you have children, you are probably worried about their safety online. The Internet is rife with dangers for children. From sexual predators and pornography to bullies and scammers, the web has lures and traps galore for the unsuspecting child or for their older rebellious teen sibling. While talking to your kids is the best preventative action you can take, the second best thing you can do to safeguard your children and the computer they use is to invest in antivirus software with parental controls.

With parental controls, you can make certain hours off-limits to your children so they aren't gaming all night when they should be sleeping. The system also lets you monitor their activity remotely, so if they do have access, you will know what they are looking at. There are filters that block access to certain types of content, as well. And even if your children are not intentionally misusing the Internet, they might not know how to tell a good site or e-mail from a bad one. With antivirus software, they will have the sites filtered for them so that they aren't exposed to inappropriate content or viruses.

When you have children, shielding them from the dangers on the Internet is important. With antivirus programs that have parental controls, you can easily protect your kids from themselves and from online threats.