20 Nov 2012

Pakistani Hackers Hit Israeli Websites to Retaliate for Attacks on Fellow Muslims in Gaza


Hackers from Pakistan defaced high-profile Israeli websites and mocked Israeli Finance Minister’s bold statement according to which country’s effective security systems have efficiently stopped millions of cyber-attacks, as reported by The Hackers Media.

Hackers targeted prominent websites operated by big names such as the BBC, Skype, MSN, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Intel and many others as a protest against Israel’s recent attacks on Gaza. The hacked pages were defaced and made to display strongly worded messages against Israel.

One such message reads “I am writing on the behalf of all Pakistani and all Muslims. DAMN you ISREAL. So, what you reap from that war except the destruction and devastation of your life!! You only made a Palestinian generation more stronger, more ruthless and more valor!”

Attackers also aimed at ridiculing the official statement of Israeli Finance Minister who told The Times of Israel that, despite Anon’s claims of disabling the government’s IT infrastructure, Israeli’s security system managed to successfully back off some 43,999,999 cyber-attacks.    

This is not the first attack against Israel after actions against Gaza. A similar action dubbed OpIsrael for which Anonymous claimed responsibility last week ended up with websites defaced, databases wiped out, and e-mail credentials leaked. And even though these two attacks appear to be two separate acts, they share the same motivation - to object to Israeli attacks in Gaza.