07 Sep 2011

Online security breaches are causing companies to adopt stricter security policies

Earlier this year, Sony was a victim to an embarrassing online breach at its Playstation Network. Responding to the breach, Sony recently hired Philip Reitinger, a former U.S. Homeland Security official in charge of cyber security, as its chief information security officer.

The new hire shows Sony is serious about increasing its cyber security in wake of the security breach which compromised the personal information of more than 100 million accounts from its online networks and shut down its online services for nearly a month.

Reitinger will soon begin a formal review of Sony's computer networks and says he plans to oversee privacy and internet security for the company and many of its conglomerates.

Internet security breaches have become more of a common occurrence in businesses across the world. According to Business Weekly, many companies in the United Kingdom are looking to create stricter rules for employees using social media sites on company computers.

"Future use will depend on reputable behaviour and good security by such sites, as well as better training and policies on staff use of social networking sites by organisations, who need to ensure their use of the sites is appropriate to their sector, products and services," Attorney Liz Fitzsimons, told the website.