19 Sep 2011

Online scam targeting Canadian city

An online scam known as Ammyy is going around in Summerside, Canada, and the Journal Pioneer and officials said residents should be on the look out. Antiphishing software can be used to help recognize such scams.

This one in particular features someone calling and trying to get access to personal computers. Mike Callahan of Summerside told the news source that he was called by a woman with a heavy East Indian accent who asked for access to his computer.

"They're saying that they're with a national server corporation and they're saying that my computer was uploading files to their servers and they needed to stop it because they were slowing their servers down," Callahan told the Journal Pioneer, adding that they got him to go into his computer management and told him they were doing work on his computer right then to try to confirm who they were.

The Anti-Phishing Working Group, a non-profit industry association which aims to eliminate identity theft and fraud from phishing and email spoofing, said that aside from anitphishing software, users should be suspicious of any emails with urgent requests for personal finance information. Users should also avoid suspicious links in emails or messages and avoid filling out forms in emails asking for personal information.