15 Aug 2011

Officials shut down Arizona State Fair website after attack

Hackers recently compromised the Arizona State Fair website, infecting it with malware that redirected users to harmful web pages. While computer security experts attempted to remove the malware, officials shut down the site on the afternoon of August 14. About 18 hours after fair organizers posted a Facebook status announcing the attack and warning users away from the site, it remained offline.

A spokesperson for the fair, Kristi Walsh, told ABC15, the local network affiliate, that users alerted organizers about the hack. The site does not collect any personal user information, but internet security experts said recent visitors to the site should scan their computers for malware.

The attack was a hidden eye frame injection that sent users from the State Fair website to a malicious web page, ABC15 reports.

Earlier this summer, hacker group LulzSec infiltrated the Arizona Department of Public Safety website to protest the state's strict immigration law, SB 1070. LulzSec, which might have attacked the ADPS site in conjunction with another high-profile hacker group, Anonymous, collected and posted personal information of Arizona law enforcement officials to the PirateBay website.