24 Feb 2014

Odyssey, Harvard’s Supercomputer, Exploited for Mining Dogecoin

The Odyssey 14,000 CPU cores supercomputer from Harvard University has been exploited by a member of the university’s research community for mining Dogecoin, a  new cryptographic currency with a similar architecture as Bitcoin, according to Softpedia News.

“Odyssey and Research Computing resources can not be used for any personal or private gain or any non research related activity,” James A. Cuff, Assistant Dean for Research Computing said. “In fact, any activities using our shared resources for any non scientific purpose that results or does not actually result in personal gain are also clearly and explicitly denied.”

The individual that abused Harvard’s resources has apparently been banned permanently from using any computing research facilities.

Harvard noticed the mining operation while examining “unexpected behavior” as they didn’t looked into running codes and algorithms from the cluster.

“Timothy R. Peterson, a postdoctoral fellow in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Department at Harvard, has told The Crimson that hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars of Dogecoins might have been mined,” the article said.