07 Jan 2011

Obama puts Commerce in charge on personal web security

President Obama recently made the Commerce Department, headed by Gary Locke, the head of an ongoing project to create a cyber ID for all Americans, with the overall objective to make web browsing and computer safer. Other federal agencies considered for the project include the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency, but Locke's proposals won Commerce the project.

The decision was announced on Friday at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, where Locke served as a keynote speaker. White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt supports Obama's decision and also served as a speaker at the event.

Locke has already heard some reservations about the cyber ID, as some believe it may be a further invasion of people privacy rights. However, the Commerce secretary has been clear that this is merely a preventative measure.

"We are not talking about a government-controlled system. What we are talking about is enhancing online security and privacy, and reducing and perhaps even eliminating the need to memorize a dozen passwords, through creation and use of more trusted digital identities," Locke said.

Despite the government's decision to improve cyber security, it is still imperative that people implement reliable internet security solutions and keep them updated to prevent data loss or malware infection.