18 Nov 2011

Norway energy and defense industries hit by hackers

The oil and defense industries in Norway were hit by hackers looking to take data, according to reports. Internet security may have to be improved after what is being called one of the most extensive data espionage cases in Norway's history.

Norwegian National Security Authority officials said secret information from these companies were stolen and sent out across the country via the internet. None of the companies involved were named, but the NSA said there were at least 10 different attacks aimed at energy, oil, gas and defense companies.

“The attacks vary slightly from each other and are tailor-made so they are not discovered by anti-virus solutions. Companies that are targeted are therefore not aware of the attacks until after they have taken place,” the NSA said in a statement.

Methods of attacks were different each time, but sources said hackers created emails that were loaded with viruses. These emails had the potential to take out entire hard drives for information and passwords, as well as confidential documents. Affected companies should get updated antivirus software and internet security programs as soon as possible.