11 Jan 2011

New year, new threat

With the new year just beginning, it also means new security threats for unsuspecting consumer and enterprise computer users.

Narus - the leader in real-time traffic intelligence - released its top 10 security threats for 2011. Some of the threats include attacks through USB, social networking, wireless networks and mobile devices.

According to Narus, it is imperative different countries, public and private sectors all collaborate to protect the global economy against the cyber threats.

Other internet security companies have also released lists of security threats consumers and businesses should be weary of. Applications used by people with Android, iPhone and iPad products will be a major target

"We are seeing an escalating threat landscape in 2011," Dmitri Alperovitch, threat research vice president for an internet security company, said. To counter the upcoming battle with security threats, McAfee fears there will be a greater emphasis on botnets that remove data from targeted systems rather than sending spam.

As the global economy relies heavily on technology, there will continue to be security threats all across the world.